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Book Cheaper Price of Quadbike Tour in Mondulkiri

Price is matter, you would spend 35$/h per bike for 2 person. Actually this is the normal rental fee of Quadbike in Mondulkiri. Bellow I will tell you how to get cheaper options with KNN Resort

KNN Resort offer [Haft Day & Full Day Package]

Booking a tour package is very simple, as it usually costs less than renting a bike. It's also the most important thing that you will ever experience.

Quadbike Haft Day Tour

Tour Code: KHD001

Duration: 4Hour

Time Choice: Sunrise or Sunset

Minimum Join Pax: 10Pax

Price: 50$/Pax

Package Included:

  • Tour Guide

  • Gasoline

  • 1 Soft Drink

  • Pick Up & Drop Off

We operate a schedule of 2 times per day. Pick up from the hotel around 1 hour before departure. After that, our driver will take you to the tour departure point. At 6AM, we will start exploring the beautiful mountain with our tour guide. We will then go to the local village to visit the local residents and explore the city. During the trip, the tour guide will additionally make it fun by providing you with some activities to keep you entertained.

How to Book Tour

Tell: 0978554710 | 089283312

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